Is everybody in?

The Ceremony is about to begin….

Arriving to Careyes to co-create Akasha for Ondalinda was in itself a dream come true.  The peculiar location is 9 miles of privately owned ocean front property.  With untouched beaches, perfectly manicured green spaces and colorful castles,  Careyes is a destination for the rich and curious. It was wild to be welcomed into the home of visionary Phillippe Moellhausen and his stunning family.  They rolled out the red carpet and made sure all of our needs were taken care of.

Spending 6 weeks preparing for Akasha was inspiring.  My ‘job’ was to connect to the elements and spirits of the highly charged surroundings.  It became very clear that there was a great eagerness from those on the other side of the veil to co-create the experience.  It was humbling to know I had very little to do with my good fortune.  It was apparent that the spirits were needing this symbiotic dance as much as us humans were.

My role was to become a vessel for spirit to move through, to drive the experience from ground level.  I would go into meditations and receive information that I wove into a dialogue.  I would then submerge myself in the ocean, my ears below water level, and ‘rehearse’ the opening of the ceremony.  The tone and cadence of my words came directly from the stars.

Working with Phillippe was incredible.  His vision expanded from the infinite to the finest detail.  He had everything clear from the connection to the cosmos to the exact centimeter each candle would be placed.  He was both professional and spontaneous.  He was an enthusiastic leader with an inspired intention. He trusted me fully and we worked brilliantly together.

The day of the ceremony my job was to remain calm amidst a team of over 100 people who were busy fulfilling their roles.  Phillippe was an expert with sound, logistics and lighting. Ten thousand candles needed to be lit, horses and bodies needed to be painted, volunteers needed to be guided, costumes needed to be dialed, the Kallpulli Ostocoatl Chalchitlicue tribe needed to connect with the final plan of action.  I felt like a ninja, calm centered and in full power.  By the time I entered the center to assume the role of Maestra of Ceremony  it was clear I had been there before.

I sat quietly in the middle of the Magik circle and said my prayers.  I called in my guides and silently did my rituals.   When it was time to welcome the crowd I was clear and centered. Together we set the intention of expanding consciousness on the planet. My tone of voice sounded exactly like it did when I was floating in the ocean. Every word was potent and precise.  Niki had left and The Great Mystery had stepped in.

Describing what happened next is like trying to pour a waterfall into a paper cup.  It was a massive landslide of power coming from the stars, the 7  directions and the people.  It was like riding the tip of an arrow, one that was blazing a trail for a new form of celebration and connection.  The portal opened and the Universe came to dance. Together we blurred the lines between space and earth, sound and silence, performer and participant, spirit and human.

The coolest part is how deeply the lives of those present were altered.  The flood of feedback was overwhelming and many people felt they had left the planet.  Akasha was the first of it’s kind.  It was an experimental soul elixir that brought a conscious intention to a festival backdrop.  We not only stepped things up a notch, we blew the lid off.  To come and party is one thing, but to unite with the clear intention of expansion is another.  I believe this marks a new form of celebration.  One that can be plugged into so many existing formulas.  I am so excited to see where this new frontier leads me.  If I understand correctly…I have very little say in the whole thing.  Something far greater than myself is at work here.

My only ‘job’ is to stay connected, grounded and grateful.