Feather Heart Healing

When we create a sense of ease in the body,

we eliminate dis-ease from the body.

These energetic alignments involve breath work, gentle stretching, massage, and some feather dusting! They incorporate techniques from my Tantra Yoga training in India, the teachings of my aboriginal spirit guides as well as understandings I have gained through my studies with Asháninka ayahuasquero Juan Flores.

All healing comes from within.

Together we can access whatever it is you need to enhance your well-being.  These relaxing treatments work to centre you into your divine alignment and can also;  sweep away unwanted worries and tensions, get you in touch with your highest calling, add grace to difficult transitions, increase your capacity for joy & ignite inspiration for new adventures and endeavours.

Sessions are 90 Minutes and cost $125

House calls are also available for $150.

“Dearest Niki – Thank you for sharing your healing gift and energy with me! When I arrived at my session with you I was feeling cloudy, low energy and disconnected (some may call it depressed). After my time with you I was awakened, feeling alive, connected and reminded of my true self. Thank you for welcoming me into a new space of healing and through your gift, reminding me of my own power, my wisdom and vitality. A week later, I am still very present to the experience and find myself intentionally connecting back when I notice the clouds creeping in. I will be back for more, soon!!! Thank you! Thank you!” – Ally, Human Capital Business Consultant


“Niki’s work turns us towards our own resources, our own assets, our own tools. Expect to receive great care and also be entrusted to your own devices. This deep trust in your ability to chart your own path can feel out of place in our cultural practices of dependency and distraction. Her power lies in her own practice of resting in self knowledge and radical trust. She is a good teacher.”  Kate,  Student of Life


“Thanks Niki for the wonderful healing experience. I may not be able to label your technique with any other label except with “it works. If I were to describe your technique to others, I would describe it as a wonderful, spiritual experience that bears witness to physical healing through your powerful faith and understanding of a Universal healing power. It was truly a mind, body and spiritual healing experience. I feel blessed (and pain free in my shoulder) thanks to you, Niki. Namaste.” – Wendy, Reflexologist


“Hey Niki……just wanted to thank you again for our session the other day…..it was a truly beautiful experience & I felt so safe & supported by your genuine healing touch & energy!! I still feel so light & buoyant and more open & joyful than I’ve been.……I feel great……thank you my sweet friend…..big love.” – Liane, Musician & Holistic Practionner


“Niki’s gentle presence, strength, and playful nature shone throughout her transformational healing session. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to experience it.” – Wendy, Young Living Oils consultant


“The impact of Niki’s guidance lies in its synchronicity with the natural elements. The summoning of their participation in the practice lends a force of wordless wisdom which aligns one towards balance as seamlessly as it does for each perfect leaf, fragrant flower, immovable mountain, or shape shifting water drop.”  -Beth, Artist & Film Maker