Meet Niki

Niki Trosky is a renegade creating global change through writing, social installations, empowering photo shoots, sacred healing retreats, pop-up yoga parties,  image consultations, innovative school curriculums  & public speaking events.

Niki has a Bachelor of Education Degree, a Bachelor of Human Ecology degree and is a certified Tantra Yoga  instructor.  She believes her formal education has been trumped by her pursuit of higher learning through indigenous plant medicines and initiations into ancient schools of wisdom.  Governed by the context of enlightenment, Niki honors her intuition and has mastered the art of living on the edge.  Above all Niki loves to play with her son Fox, eat tacos, party and bullshit.

Niki’s photos, styling and written articles have been published in several online and print magazines including; SANDBOX, BOSS, POSTER & BETTY.  Her work as an artist has been featured in art galleries such as La Maison Des Artistes & MAWA. She has spoken at several high profile events including Canadian Women in Communications and was honored to be a part of Maya’s Tiwari’s  ‘Living Ahimsa- Celebrating Shaki‘ Canadian peace tour. She was recently featured in ORIGIN magazine as a Top Fem Wellness Entrepreneur.

Niki’s  love for creative human empowerment extends into the healing arts.   Her yoga classes have been combined with everything from traditional sweat lodge ceremonies to pole dancing parties. She has been invited to teach yoga and host workshops at several festivals.  She can effortlessly guide a class for one or one thousand people. Niki also hosts international healing retreats at La Vita Bella Soul Spa in Mexico. These sacred retreats combine luxury & relaxation with hot mineral water therapies, yoga and meditation (oh and wine).

As an artist Niki made a movie about her life called One Girl’s Story. It travelled to several international film festivals and was featured at the Cannes Short Film Corner. Niki self-published a book titled “Love Life”. It is a story of self-exploration through sacred teachings, solitude and sex.  It is her juicy debut  memoir.

Niki was recently in Careyes for the Ondalinda festival to co-create Akasha with visionary Phillippe Moellhausen. Daring to blur the lines between; ceremony & celebration, performers & participants, space & earth, sound & silence, Akasha was the world premiere of a new form of spiritual entertainment designed to ignite the senses and contribute to the pursuit of a higher sense of self.