Love Life the Book

“She gave up on life as she knew it

to find life as it should be known…”



A story of self-exploration through sacred teachings, solitude and sex.

LoveLife-FRONTCOVER-JUN2015From the prairies of Winnipeg to the sands of the Arabian Sea, readers will fall in love with a curious and charming heroine as she embarks upon a transformative journey to release her powerful, self-loving, independent woman from within. Conquering obstacles of homesickness and heartache, armed with the earnest hope of finding peace, “Love Life” chronicles author Niki Trosky’s rebirth from ‘the girl’ into the woman known as Zahira.

In humorous tumblings of innocence and wisdom, Trosky uncovers a new paradigm for love and romance through the chaotic and sacred process of self-examination and the freedom of disabling social expectations.  Trosky bravely bears all, in edgy, provocative prose that will revive your spirit, dance on your heartstrings and tap into your wanderlust, leaving even the most unsuspecting readers on their knees in admiration of this soul-quenching debut memoir.



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Here is a link to an interview with Terry Macleod from CBC radio about the book

It is the most downloaded interview in the history of the show.

What readers are saying about “Love Life”…


“Take Eat, Pray and Love, combine it with the excitement of 50 Shades of Grey, finish it with some real depth and inspiring wisdom à la Paulo Coelho and you get Love Life, a book that every woman should read.”   Alexandra Smith – Author, Amsterdam, Netherlands

“There’s a string of events that play out in this story that nearly every young woman traveling alone would give their right eye to experience. Yes, there’s the page-turning, raw descriptions of her sexual encounters with gorgeous men who become mesmerized by her infectious spirit and zero-fucks-given attitude, but there’s also a lot of very honest moments that show Niki’s vulnerability and humility as a woman seeking a greater level of self love. She’s a fantastic storyteller who, on one page, speaks about her transformative insights and connecting with her spirit, and on the next, she’s giggling absurdly at the oddity of the outrageous circumstances she finds herself in.”  Tara Yolan Mewis -Producer, Saskatoon.

“Your book gave me that extra push I needed to get going on a dream I’ve had for a while! Just like meeting someone at exactly the right time and place, I believe that certain books can come into our lives the same way, like gifts from the universe, from the Goddess…inspiration on a silver platter. Love Life was one of those books, for me. I loved it from the first page. And didn’t want it to end!”  Genvieve Toupin – Montreal

“Just wiping my tears now. That book was one of the most enjoyable I have ever read. Thank you for sharing you life and your awesome colorful imagination. You truly are a starseed.”   Roxanne Persowich – RTM Winnipeg

“Love Life embraced my heart and warmed my soul. I laughed and cried and was thoroughly entertained. I can’t tell you how many times it felt like you (Niki) were in my head. There were so many similarities. I cried so many times. Thank you so much for this gentle reminder to let go and to not be so hard on myself. To feel gratitude and love in the most difficult times. To let go of my judgements and just have a great fucking time!”  – Anonymous in Winnipeg

“Niki’s book gave me so much hope. It lit me up like a Christmas tree. It resonated in the deepest threads of my mind and it tugged at the strings of my heart. Niki has a powerful message for the world and that is to LOVE LIFE.  She spoke to me through her story and she gave me hope that I can live a life beyond my wildest imaginings, I just have to love myself.” – Laura Olafson- Actor, Winnipeg

“This book is not to be quickly devoured and forgotten; it should be savoured, reached for at times of hunger and wandering. Each chapter and story, every delicate layer of “the girl”, should be peeled down to the very core, and absorbed, every succulent fibre of honesty revelled in, held between grinning teeth. Every bite celebrated, with juices dripping down skin, not to be wasted, as every last drop, every last word, is essential and wonderful.” – Chelsea Brunette-  Editor, Ontario

Book is available at Prairie Sky Books in Winnipeg &

McNally Robinson in store and online.