As You Wish Retreat

Join Niki at La Vita Bella Soul Spa for an experience that will pamper you into equilibrium of mind body and soul.

The secret powers of this retreat are found in the freedom to do As You Wish.  Lounge for hours in hot healing  thermal waters, take naps, float in hammocks, do yoga, drink wine at sunset, have chocolate cake for breakfast,  jump on trampolines, grow younger, meditate, explore caves, make new friends or stay in bed!  You can choose how you want to spend your days. This freedom is your passport to complete transformation of mind body and spirit. There is simply no quicker way to love your life and ignite your personal power.


Destination: La Vita Bella Soul Spa in San juan Cosala, Mexico
Dates: Pick any 6 consecutive nights that work for you!
Types of yoga: Restorative & Tantra Yoga
Food: Ridiculously fresh conscious cuisine
Activities: Thermal Water Treatments, Massages, Yoga, Meditation, Temazcal, Hiking, Trampolines, Photo shoots, Markets and more!

Price Range in Canadian Dollars

Deluxe Suites:   $2490 / Single    $3960/Double Occupancy

Master  Suites:  $2820  / Single       $4290 /Double Occupancy

Now booking for  fall  2018

Pick any 6 consecutive nights that work for your busy schedule.


La Vita Bella

La Vita Bella Soul Spa is a part of a private sanctuary called Monte Coxala. It is a world class destination for healing, transformation and celebration. Overlooking Lake Chapala, La Vita Bella boasts spectacular views and the second best climate in the world. Created with special attention to divine alignment, La Vita Bella reflects harmony and inner peace by working with the natural forces of nature.

As You Wish

We combine a fun and celebratory atmosphere or can offer complete privacy and solitude. You take part in crafting your luxurious and holistic experience. You get to choose how you want to spend your days.  You can enjoy lounging in exquisite water therapies, exploring local organic markets, participating in daily yoga & meditation sessions, horse back riding with onsite stables, playing tennis, jumping on trampolines, venturing to world class paragliding sites, drinking wine, floating in hammocks, hiking to caves or napping!

 Your week is yours to do As You Wish.

Need some guidance? Our relaxed environment and unique treatments are designed to inspire free movement of energy into equilibrium. We are here to pamper and support your natural flow back into alignment. Giving yourself permission to do As You Wish is exceptionally healing and incredibly powerful.  Taking time to honour your personal clock creates a connection to your intuition. This connection permeates into all areas of life and creates clarity, efficiency and fulfillment!

Our retreats are infamous for creating significant shifts in well being & consciousness in short periods of time.  If you only have a week to escape, there is simply no better place to re-align with your most joyful radiant self.

“It’s hard to even put into words how much I enjoyed this retreat. My purpose was to relax and replenish my energy and the result was actually a replenishment of my soul. I had such a profound spiritual awakening that it has transformed my mindset and my attitude. I gave myself permission to be quiet, peaceful, and observant of my surroundings. I did exactly what I wanted to every day and that is some thing that never happens in my everyday life; there are always tedious chores to do and to have a break from that was fantastic. Worth every penny. And the facility was truly magical,  I’d even go so far as to say it is a holy place. You can feel it in every structure.” – Cheryl Brick,  Operations Manager.

Fountains of Youth

olmec head

As you journey through the sanctuary you will find several mineral baths that are naturally heated to 37-40 degrees C.  These baths will invite you to relax into quiet serenity and offer you a peaceful and regenerative experience. From a spectacular Crystal Pyramid to an impressive Olmec Head, these medicinal pools are therapeutic gateways to a renewed sense of self.

The impressive physical benefits of these waters include pain relief from; arthritis, burns, joint pains, eczema, rosacea & psoriasis. They help to boost circulation, remove impurities from the body and strengthen the immune system.  Thermal waters are also beneficial for inducing a relaxed state and improving sleep patterns. They are exceptionally hydrating and help relieve sings of aging, fatigue and stress.  They change the body at a cellular lever.  The longer you float the younger you will feel!

Temple of Water & Temazcal

The Temple is a special place to honour your body and flush your mind. Intense jets of volcanic healing water offer a significant way to blast through tension.  The pressure from the water offers an intracellular massage that obliterates stress. The serenade of falling water along with vigorous heat and steam will transform your being into a place of pure peace.

All retreats also  include an optional Temazcal experience. Temazcal is an ancient sweat lodge that is designed to purify mind body and spirit. This powerful re-birthing experience is guided by a local shaman who leads participants into a deep state of introspection and transformation.

Yoga & Meditation


Part of our optional program includes daily yoga and meditation sessions. Each day will offer a restorative yoga class that is adaptable to all levels of fitness. Classes enhance overall well being and focus on proper alignment to prevent injuries both on and off the mat. Through Tantric breathing techniques students will learn to relax into postures bringing a greater depth to all levels of practice.  Classes are designed to ignite your spirit and re-connect you with your pure potential.

Daily group meditations will also be available.  These meditations will be varied and can include;  walking meditations in warm canals of healing waters,  silent meditations on top of a pyramid at sunset,  mindful meditations while hiking to a cave or private journal exercises that connect you to the power of you.

Dreamy Beds


La Vita Bella is a cozy chique boutique hotel perched upon a beautiful lush mountain side. Every room has a king size bed with a dreamy white canopy, fluffy pillows and a luxurious comforter. Be prepared for the best sleeps of your life! All rooms also have a large bathtub that can be filled with healing thermal waters so you can soak in privacy of your own paradise.


“La Vita Bella is a f’ing dreamy place – and the beds are off the hook.”

– Autumn Bree Fata of Manitoba Harvest,  Creative Entrepreneur & Mother


Conscious Cuisine


La Vita Bella restaurant offers an ideal atmosphere to wake up with a cappuccino and a journal or to toast the sunset with new friends. Chef Gerrard has created a friendly and relaxed environment and you get to choose your meals according to your appetite and cravings. Chef Gerrard has  transcended cooking into a passion and the result is conscious cuisine made with love. With a new menu everyday, Chef Gerrard takes pleasure in cooking with fresh seasonal ingredients and believes food tastes better when it is made in the moment.



For those of you who like to play dress up or just feel beautiful, your As You Wish experience can include a photo shoot!  Niki’s specialty is in making others feel comfortable in front of a camera and she has witnessed powerful transformations through the process. All beauty comes from within and these sessions help you shine from the inside out. Her experience as a stylist and artistic director help create beautiful images that her clents are amazed by.

Travel Arrangements

We appreciate the varied needs of our participants and have an open retreat schedule for the entire year of 2018.  This means that you can book your retreat on any day that is convenient to you and stay for 6 consecutive nights. Please note the cost of airfare is not included in the retreat package.

Participants fly into the Guadalajara International Airport and can easily get a taxi inside the airport or we can arrange a taxi pick up for $50.  The hotel is a 40 minute drive from the airport.

Your Package Includes

6 Nights Luxury Accommodations at La Vita Bella Soul Spa
3 meals / day of delicious conscious cuisine (Alcohol not included but totally available!)
Optional daily yoga classes in an inspired setting
Optional daily guided meditation
A massage in a beautiful spa setting
A private energy alignment with Niki
Temple of Water Treatment
Daily access to unlimited exquisite Water Therapies
A traditional Temazcal experience – a guided Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Investment in CAD prices

Deluxe Suites:   $2490 / Single    $3960/Double Occupancy

Master  Suites:  $2820  / Single       $4290 /Double Occupancy


A deposit of $888 CAD Single / $1444 CAD double will reserve your space today.

*This deposit is non-refundable*

It’s easy to book!

Just contact Niki.


Previous Guest Reviews

“This was exactly what I needed, but I had no idea before coming what I actually needed, let alone what to expect.  I feel more relaxed and stronger too.  It’s not easy to let go when you’re always in control, or trying to be.  With Niki’s guidance and intuition I was able to release tension, feelings and distractions that I don’t need.  I feel like my life has been altered in a profound way.  Thank you Niki for guiding us through this journey.  You’re amazing!” – Jason Mewis President & Senior Engineer of ENGCOMP

“It is hard to put into words how incredible the “As You Wish” experience was for my husband and I. We expected a week of yoga, sitting poolside drinking beer, and playing tennis. What we received, instead, was far beyond a typical resort package; it was a full body and mindful transformation. The resort layout is like a scene from a National Geographic magazine. There are places to explore, sink away, sit and stare at in awe. From sweat lodges to unforgettable ceremonies, we were guided from one magical day to the next. We left with greater purpose, stronger bodies and sharper minds. We know not to drift back into our old patterns; which includes running two businesses with minimal sleep or time for ourselves, raising four kids with a lack of a real, consistent connection.   We cannot return to the robotic lifestyle we lived after experiencing what we did this past week. “As You Wish” was a wish from the soul come true. ”  Tara Yolan –  Producer & mother.

“My retreat in Mexico was an immeasurable journey through the mystic. Thanks to Niki’s professional and heartfelt guidance, I was able to reach a level of illumination I never thought possible. The enchanting program is only made better by being situated in an absolutely breathtaking environment. I look forward to the wondrous future experiences awaiting me with my next visit.” – Tony Mitousis, P.Eng.

“The certainty behind Niki’s leadership has been gleaned from experience rather than mere book learning. Her approach is thus loaded with a compassion and humor that honors the individual. The impact of Niki’s guidance lies in its synchronicity with the natural elements. The summoning of their participation in the practice lends a force of wordless wisdom which aligns one seamlessly towards balance.” Beth Azore, Film Maker


IMG_3132“Niki’s retreat has rejuvenated my soul. My mind feels at ease and I sense a general feeling of inner happiness. This is exactly what I needed to break away from everyday stress and fatigue. I feel everything that I have learned I will be able to reflect onto my everyday life. I will cherish this experience forever in my heart. It’s not everyday you actually live out your dreams and this truly was a dream come true!” Fiona Thompson, RMT

“Niki has an innate ability to inspire you to achieve your utmost potential and to pursue your dreams, no matter how grand they are. The insight, guidance and empowerment I have gained on this journey are beyond words. If you are considering coming to this retreat, follow your heart. Know that you will grow and transform from this experience. Life is too short to put your dreams and desires on hold.” Brie Henderson, Rieki Therapist & Youth Outreach Programmer


“As the yoga teacher, meditation leader, healer, elder, all around knowledgable on-site operations person and translator, cheerleader, space holder, prayer leader, connector, got-your-back friend, engager, space creator, driver, and main support person, Niki’s flow is always easy, she is a magical guide, and I trust her implicitly.” Autumn Bree Fata of Manitoba Harvest – Health Coach, Creative Entrepreneur & Mother of two.


“Niki is the perfect guide for an experience like this. She has a calming energy and manages a perfect balance between being incredibly insightful and playful. We placed our trust in her at times when we were pulled out of our comfort zone and she always seemed to know exactly what we needed. Her expertise in yoga, body alignment, meditation is awe-inspiring.  This is what she was made to do and I have no doubt her clientele will build exponentially. I feel so lucky that I got Niki as a guide and a healer when I did. I will be able to tell people about it when she is rightfully considered one of the most influential people on earth,”  Tara Mewis, President of TYP Productions