Threads of Joy

They always say to follow your bliss, but what exactly does that mean?  And who the fuck are they? I feel like I have done a pretty good job at doing the things I love.  I mean that’s what Love Life Productions is all about.  When I quit my day job at the beginning of […]

Design Shop Girls (20 of 252)

Design Shop Girls

I always have a blast working with the Design Shop Girls.  They have opened my photography to a whole new playing field. I had no clue shooting spaces could be so sexy! They are team of fiercely talented women who have a penchant for textures and good taste.  They can brand, they can transform, they […]


Wands, Wings and Magical things….

I have never defined my niche clientele, but it has naturally shaped itself.  It is my personal delight to be working with women who are on a path of personal empowerment.  I am also surprised at what my clients bring to the table, or rather the shoot.  It seems mermaid tails, swords, daggers, horses, capes […]


Four ways to love (and leave) your lover….

Setting your lover free will do the same for you.  I don’t mean breaking up, I mean building them up.  Carving time for your lover to be alone is one of the most potent ways to recharge their batteries and your romance! Here are five easy ways to help your partner reset into their most […]



“I still don’t have an elevator pitch for my book,” Zahira said to the Mexican Chef at her camp.  They were in the dusty kitchen of Camp Caravan of Light.  It was some ungodly hour and they were trying to make tea. “It’s been out for a year and I still don’t know what to […]


First Day of Fall!

There is something about the fall that makes photo shoots extra beautiful. It’s my favourite time of year to tromp around outside and create magic. It’s not too hot, so no makeup is melting.  It’s not too cold so everything from sleeveless to sweaters can work. The sun is warm, the air is crisp and the lighting […]


Book Your Summer Shoot Today!

One of my all time favourite things to do is take photos.  I enjoy getting creative with my clients and I love making them look and feel fabulous from the inside out.  Winnipeg is a perfect place for outdoor shoots in the summer.  We have beautiful natural light and dreamy golden sunsets. The warm weather is still with […]


The HUB on CBC

We LOVE our city and we LOVE shining a spotlight on our talent. Love Life Productions & VA Productions are so excited to see you all tonight at The Met.  The sun is shining and summer is buzzing! Join us for an incredible evening of collaboration, creation and celebration! Here is a super FUN interview with one […]



Every year around my birthday I have created a ritual of isolation. I pack a tent, borrow a cabin, or rent a yurt. It doesn’t matter where I stay, what matters is that I submerge myself into nature and I speak to no one.  Even better, I answer to no one!  I indulge in myself for […]



Check out some photos by the crazy talented J.J. Gill from our THREADS event. This party was such a huge success that Arturo of VA Productions has invited Love Life Productions and Nereo II to co-host a monthly together!!!  The first one will be on May 19th on the roof top patio of the Metropolitan […]