Living Authentically


2BOne of my favourite things to do is talk.  Just ask my grade 8 teacher, I drove her insane! Now that I am all grown up and have an incredible wealth of life experiences to draw upon, my stories are wiser but still full of wonder!

Crafting talks for specific organizations is always a pleasure.  I enjoy sharing my teachings through the art of story telling. I believe keynote speaking should be about engaging and inspiring my audience. My years as a  professional teacher have taught me to be prepared, but my secret weapon is to speak from the heart.


 Living Authentically is one of my favourite talks.


Written from my personal experience I touch on important subjects such as:

1.  Self Love

2. Relaxation

3. The Power of Appreciation 


I have a special slide show that I have designed with all of my own images and inspirational quotes to add a calming & inspiring element to this talk. Having a visual component  allows me to connect with my audience beyond their intellect.  Photographs are a powerful way to send messages to the subconscious self!

I am also happy to tailor my talks to meet your specific themes. I have experience speaking to large professional groups such as the Canadian Women in Communications as well as smaller more intimate groups like the Exchange Community Church.  I love speaking at schools and I am always available for workshops and other conscious minded events.

Feel free to contact me so we can talk about my talks!