“Niki is someone who could coax the sexy confidence out of  nun while making it feel like it was her idea!! I  want to have all my clients do a shoot with her. Showing them how beautiful they are is such a powerful healing experience!”

Natalie Reimer Anderson, Nutrition Coach


“Working with Niki is just fluid fun!  It always comes from a really intuitive place – so things just roll and anything can happen. The world opens up when you’re compatible – and Niki creates an environment where you feel safe to be yourself.  She helps people shine. ”

Sula Johnson
Production Manager

suicide girl

“Niki is really good at making people feel comfortable in front of the camera. It was awesome, it was fun.  It wasn’t awkward getting naked, it was a really fluid experience.    I didn’t even feel like I was modelling or posing, I just felt super comfortable.”

Aimee  Cardinell
Model for Suicide Girls International


I was referred to Niki  at a time when my style needed major intervention. From the first store we went into I knew I had made a wonderful decision because she chose an outfit that was something I never would have put together but would have admired on someone else.  Every store we were in I had the eyes of staff and customers on me admiring what she had put together and anxiously trying to copy her picks. Aside from Niki’s keen eye, she was a pleasure to spend time with and her positive attitude throughout made me feel comfortable and confident to step outside my comfort zone. Everyone should enlist Niki and invest in themselves. Oh, and I have never received so many compliments from men and women hah!”

Niamh McNaboe, Senior Publicist



“Niki is a special person who can make you feel at ease in about 2 seconds and 2 seconds later she is gently pushing you out of your comfort zone and helping to open you up in ways you didn’t know you could. She is very empowering, authentic and confident.”

Jason Arkley, Producer


“Niki is an artist that I had wanted to work with for a long time. Our joint love for yoga combined in a poetic fashion during our  photo shoot. She supported my vision with a brilliant eye that makes ALL things art.”

Savannah Joy Yoga, Bliss and Beatz


“I am so pleased with the experience I had with Niki. She made me feel so relaxed in front of the camera and had an eye to capture beauty in everything. The angles, the images, the colors, and the creativity that Niki demonstrated is exactly what I had expected!  Might I had her playful and cheerful sense of being was a joy to be around!”

Jennifer Summerfeldt
Women’s Life Coach
Edmonton Alberta


“Before the shoot I was super super nervous, but during the shoot I felt really good.  Niki said a lot of really great things to help me and I got a little creative which was good.  I think anyone who is thinking about doing this should, because once you see the photos it’s really empowering.  The fact that you can actually do something like this, how great you are going to look, and the process of  doing it is really awesome!”

Tasha LaChapelle,  Free Spirit

trainor wow

“I have collaborated with Niki on a number of shoots.  She is always a pleasure to work with.  Wether she is acting as a stylist, creative director, model or photographer, Niki brings a fun positive attitude to the table along with her beautiful and creative mind. I am always excited when we get to work together!”

Melissa Trainor
Model/Photographer – Berlin

wow beth

” Since doing photo shoots with Niki I have noticed a huge difference in my ability to reach out to, connect with and build my online tribe. The shoot itself was a transformational experience, not to mention lush and nurturing, and allowed me to take risks with my online voice to a whole new level. If you work with Niki you are going to be amazed at her powerful and humble artistic presence, I highly recommend working with her!!”

Beth Martens
Online Business & Archetype Coach for Women Entrepreneurs


“There are a few people in the world who seep magic into the street the second they step out the door. You can practically see the stardust, vibrations, and elixirs leaving a mystical trail behind them. Her name is Niki Trosky. She has the body of an Olympian, the heart of a saint, and the talent of the entire universe reverberating in just her pinky finger. “

Van Kunder
‘The Wizard of Awe: A Mother’s Tale”
BOSS Magazine



“Thank you so much Niki for all of your help with the spring shoot!
You were a delight to work with and had great ideas to bring!
Loved it!”

Andreanne Dandeneau
Voila! Clothing
Winnipeg, Manitoba

iron woman

“Working with Niki was not only fun but also a great learning experience.  At the start of the shoot, I felt quite nervous mainly because this was my first time working as a stylist on a photo shoot.  Niki trusted my instincts and the direction I wanted to go in.  We collaborated together on this shoot and the end result captured both our creativity and personalities. I hope to work with her more in the future!”

Becky DeJesus
TUB, Winnipeg


“This beautiful creature is Niki Trosky. Most likely you know her already – she’s something of a woman-about-town, and also one of the friendliest people to walk the planet. She’s certainly one of the most creative.”

Braden Alexander
Dark Beauty
Editor & Writer, POSTER